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Floor Heating

Floor Heating

Crete and Wall Creations is the certified installer for Pioneer Floor Heating in the Western Cape.

Features and Benefits
  • Economical Running Cost
  • Professional Guaranteed Installations
  • 100% safe
  • All our Guarantees are Backed up by an Independent Managed Warranty Fund
Tile Heating

Unlike conventional under floor heating systems which were placed on the slab under the screed and tile surface, Pioneer Tile heating is placed directly below the tile surface. This method of application increases the reaction time of the system by up to 80%, resulting in lower duty cycles. This in turn provides for an energy efficient system with economical running cost.

Laminate & Timber Floor Heating

A common misconception exists in the market that a timber floor cannot be heated, this is incorrect. With a Pioneer specially designed High Coverage Low power out put heating system, Laminate wood flooring, engineered wood flooring as well as most species of genuine wood flooring can successfully be heated without any damage to the floor. 

Carpet Heating

Carpet heating is installed directly below the carpet surface on top of the under felt. This ensures that the heating system is insulated form screed surface, resulting in minimal unnecessary heat loss taking place with all the heat penetrating directly through the carpet surface. With a response time of less than 30 minutes, this application is extremely successful and the heating system can be used as necessary. 

Screed & Colour Cement Floor Heating

Screed heating applications are done on the concrete bed below the colour harden top screed surface. Floors are prepared with a primer which ensures proper bond between the screed and the floor heating system. This ensures no delaminating. The heating element is covered with a layer of protective fiberglass mesh as to protect the heater from damage during the screeding process. 


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